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Atmosphere and Nostalgia, Ashby Canal.
Framed size 16 ins x 20 ins.

During the 80's, the period when we did not have a boat, we hired Masquerade from Rose Narrow Boats, and explored the Ashby Canal. It was a very pleasant trip. The worst came when, on my birthday, we moored up for the night by the tunnel at Snarestone. The guide book said that there was an excellent pub/restaurant just over the tunnel entrance. Time came, we changed and walked up to the pub in eager anticipation. It was closed! Back to the boat, and a dash back down the canal in the gathering dusk to the previous village, Shakerstone. The pub there did not serve food! Back to the boat and Ann scratched her head, what to cook for supper. The fridge was empty as we were going shopping next day. My birthday celebration was eggs on toast!!

This watercolour was created for a Christmas Card, which in my book had to have a narrowboat, snow, sunset colours and a church. The view up the River Sence Aquaduct just caught Shakerstone Church which you can just see in upper left of the image.

Ashby Canal.