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UMEA on 'hampton 21 BCN
Framed size 20 ins x 16 ins.

While we lived on our narrow boat Jimmy we spent a period moored at AMS Marine, Horseley Fields. Our weekend trips frequently took us down the Wolverhampton 21. I found it a fascinating flight of locks, criss-crossed by many railway bridges on which steam still remained supreme. Halfway down there were some engine sheds and the engines were there just the other side of the canal fence on the towpath side. I could have spent hours just watching them, but it is not a good idea to stop on a short pound in a flight of locks. You never know what is going to happen to the water level!

Frequently we would meet the two Clayton's gas boats on their way down to the gas works pound. Today there is little sign of the short arm where the boats were loaded. It came off the canal at a very acute angle, in a pound without a winding hole. On the way down the boats used to wind above the gas works lock, and pass through the lock backwards. Because there were so many locks they would collect the load with two single motors, rather than motor and butty.
When loaded the tar, still very hot and liquid, would be taken to Albright and Wilson's works at Spon Lane and pumped out while it was still hot.

UMEA on 'hampton 21