Garth Allan undertakes commissions for portraits of boats, houses, or people, Please ring if you would like to discus the possibility of other subjects.

Normally the portrait is painted from photographs supplied by the client. This saves the cost of travel which would otherwise have to be added to the cost. A selection of reference photographs, preferably from different angles are needed, to make sure all the features are available. Plus photographs of the desired background if this is to be different. Alternatively Garth can use his own photographs for reference material for the background.

The most popular finished size of the boat or house portraits and landsacapes the image is 10ins x 14 ins (26cm x 36cm). This makes the finished frame size 16 ins x 20 ins (41 cms x 51 cms). For Portraits I tend to use an oval mount and place them in a 14.5 x 12 ins frame.

To protect all watercolours undertaken, only Artists Pigments are used which are listed as Grade 1 on the ASTM scale for lightfastness. Cotton paper is nearly always used which is extreemly stable. The finished painting is Conservation Framed in which the mount which keeps the glass and condensation away from the watercolour is a Conservation grade, which is heavily buffered with chalk to make sure that there is no residual acidy to damage the watercolour. The mounted watercolour is protected from the rear with a barrier paper, and the watercolour is sealed between the glass and the backing board to prevent atmospheric attack. With these precautions the watercolour is well protected to give a long life.

Quality frame mouldings are used, finished with a mottled gold relieved with two inlays. The mountboard is decorated with several washlines which pick out the colours within the painting. For a small extra charge a dedicattion window can be cut in the mount.

If you would like to send some photographs then after a little bit of thought, we can discus the possible composition over the telephone.

The price of a finished framed commission:-

Please click Examples of recent commissioned work if you would like to see a selection of recent commissions that have been undertaken.

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