Ecards are electronic cards which arrive by E-mail. The cards can be designed and despatched from this site. An E-mail is sent to the recipient to tell them of the card, and advising them of its unique number. The recipient clicks on the number and is able to see the e-card on our web site without risk of virus from attachments, as there are no attachments. The recipient can save it, or print it out.
Suggestions are made below for moods and occasions.
All the images are from watercolours by Garth Allan.

GARTH ALLAN Watercolour Artist

Design an E-MAIL CARD, for every mood and occasion

Click an image of your choice, choose a caption for the image and add your text.
Scroll or use buttons on left to see range.

Cards with images and text suitable for Birthdays etc

kettle Bobbing Boats Northdown Steam Essex Smack Dappled Light The Wharf Waterfall Post Box Country Lane Awaiting Restoration Donkeys Tango

Cards with images and text suitable for Christmas

Christmas Image, Sanford Arms Christmas Image, N B Raymond Christmas Image, Robin Christmas Plates Christmas Image, In a Stable.. Christmas Image, Braunston Sunset. Christmas Image, Worcester Cathedral Christmas Image, Rushing Home for Christmas Christmas Image, The Lock Keeper Christmas Image, Hillmorton

Cards with images and text suitable for Easter

Be not afraid Cockrel and hens Spring - promise of new life and hope. Amaryllis. Each little flower that opens -

Images with thoughtful quotes

Friends are God's way of taking care of us. Time changes everything My peace give I you Sunset and Evening Star Dusk - Crinan Canal

Thank You cards

Thanks for everything. Thank you.