Tipton - boats purchased by Garth and Alan Picking in 1963.

Seen here is the train of boats arriving at Factory Three Locks, Tipton, on the BCN. The boats had been collected from Bradley Workshops and were on their way to Tardebigge. Nautilus, a 70 ft narrowboat had been in a fire, the cabin was completly gutted whilst the ice boats were also in a sad state, Laplander had been sunk, and Scott had lost her mast, and Samson was the only one in a reasonable state. The string of boats towed by Garth's boat Jimmy, were strapped together on short straps and were well behaved following each other in line, without the need for a steerer on the tow. By changing the speed the boats were navigated round the sharp turns without difficulty. At Tipton however, when we stopped for the locks the ice boats were detirmined to keep going and the string of boats ended up in a tight conertina. The moment caught in this commissioned watercolour. Alan arrived to work the boats down the three locks, then we carried on through the main line, and the Worcester Birmingham Canal. Fortuately we did not have to stop again! Jimmy, under new ownership has been renamed Isis, Nautilus, clearly recogniseable from her war damage patch on the bows, ran under steam power for many years, went back to coal carrying and is now converted as a hotel boat. Laplander was also converted to steam and is still running as a steam boat. Samson and Scott were converted and are both still in operation.

Commissioned by Alec

Watercolour - Framed size 20ins x 16 ins.