4mm scale model narrow boat kits and lock drawings.

I have retired from making these kits, however the business has been taken over by Tewkesbury Toys who will be pleased to fullfill your requirements.

The first kit was created as a "mannikin" to help me with my watercolour work. Narrowboats being so long and thin that they present quite difficult perspective problems. The model came out so well that I was persuaded to make them into kits for sale. Their popularity has encouraged me to introduce more models so that now there is a range of both kits and drawings to choose from.

Narrow Boats tend to work in pairs, a powered boat, and a dumb butty which is generally towed on a long line when loaded, or touching the motor boat when empty. Working through wide locks, or when moored up the boats would be "breasted" side by side. Hence each kit contains two boats, the motor and the butty.

Steam Narrow Boats. The first powered boats were steam, so we have a steam powered boat, "President", and its butty "Northwich". These are supplied with the smart black and white colours of the trading company Fellows Moreton and Clayton.

Modern Narrowboats. A more modern pair of boats is represented by "Redshanks" and "Greenshanks" supplied in the colours of the Willow Wren trading company. Also available is an unliveried boat which has a simple guide line to enable you to decorate the boat in your own choice of colour scheme.

Kit Dimensions. The boats were 70 feet long, 7 feet wide, so the kits make up 11 ins (270mm) long in 00 Gauge. They are made from Ivor Index Card which enables the thin side plates to be accurately reproduced. A laminated construction is used which produces a very strong kit. The only tools required are a sharp knife and fine scissors. The kits have complete hulls, so a "hole" must be made in the water to take the hull. This has the advantage that the inside of the hull can be seen below the water line giving a very realistic effect. It also means that the boats can be riding high in the water as empty boats, or loaded with no more than 3 mm of free board.

The kits are not available now. Sorry.

You may find it helpful to look at the images in Greetings cards or the Gallery to get an idea of the shape of these boats and possible ways in which they can be incorporated in a model railway or diorama.

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