Hawkesbury Junction.

Two canals meet in a junction which underlines the pigheadedness and stupidity of some of the canal builders. They believed that there could be no threat to their empires so they ignored their customers and forced the two canals to run side by side for several miles before finally putting in the necessary junction. The reason, to get more tolls. Thankfully the junction has now been moved to a more convenient point.

How often though do we find industry, and unions fighting each other, while their empires die around them. Even our local stores are doing it without recognising that they should not be competing against each other, but against the real competitor, the supermarket only a mile away.

Hence I included this painting as a memorial to man's selfishness and stupidity.

The junction was an interesting place. Joe Skinner's boat Friendship was moored against the Greyhound, and a line of boats would be moored just south from the Junction. I have vague memories too of the Electricity works and their boats just a bit further south.