Parkhead Locks, BCN.

Parkhead locks fall away from the western end portal of Dudley Tunnel. On the way to the National Rally of Boats in 1962, as we passed the bottom lock, workman were dismantling the locks making access to the tunnel from this end impassable. I remember shouting at them as I passed as we presumed it was being done to prevent any boats returning home form the Rally that way. Possibly they were also trying to block the trip boat which were were going to take through the tunnel as part of the rally activities. We defeated them, for the boat was already safely moored inside the tunnel.

I felt I had to include this painting in this collection. I painted it following a recent exploration of the area to see how much it had changed. It was good to see the canal filled, a boat moored in one of the pounds, the locks painted and clearly in working order. (Len Hall eat your heart out.)