Wolverhampton Top Lock

'hampton 21 was another fascinating place. It must have been an incredibly busy at one time with so many basins attached to the canal.

Somewhere on the locks you would meet the huffler. A 'tramp' who would help you work the locks for 2/6d. Draw a bottom paddle as the boat entered the lock then send him ahead to prepare the next lock and the flight could be worked very quickly.

There were derelict basins all down the flight, but the gas works was still using the canal and one would meet two Clayton motors in the morning working down to the gas works pound. The canal was crisscrossed several times by two main lines, and then there were the engine sheds alongside the canal at one spot, all in steam. Wonderful.

It was flight where often the North west BTC fleet working to Anderton would be met. At the end of a weekend's boating as the sun dropped to a red sunset one would arrive at the top lock with it' line of canal houses and Chubbs factory silhouetted against the sunset sky.