GEC Witton

We moved to Birmingham as a Post Graduate apprentice at GEC Witton. The canal went right past the works and Willow Wren were delivering coal to the boiler house. The huge Telpher was used to unload to boats. A grab descended, grabbed and raised a bucket full of coal, then trundled off on the over head railway to unload it outside the boiler or on the stock pile.

On one occasion a day boat loaded with rubbish sank outside the gates, and an interesting lunch time was spent watching it being raised.

Work at GEC was interesting except for one ghastly month in one department where there was no work. The gates were locked during working hours so you could not get in or out without a pass. Bored stiff, in the lunch time I persuaded the Willow Wren captain to put my bike in the hold, then having reported in after lunch I crept out through the boiler house and into the boat cabin. The boat moved away from GEC taking me with them. It was a good escape.